Engage with your art.™


ENGAGISM...a 21st century art movement specific to paintings that enables them to more intimately engage the artist and the audience through deeper  involvement of the human factor.

Corinne Miller has coined this term for particular use in the field of art.  She has embarked on the first phase of ENGAGISM as she describes it. This work is displayed on this website, has been sold throughout the past year, sold at her first solo art show, and continues to be sold to amazed audiences.


She seeks to involve deeper use of the mind by educating the audience about the painting through the use of the internet.  To implement this concept, her initial approach is to embed a microchip that when tapped by an NFC-enabled smart device, will display a custom or other website specific to the education of the painting.  Other technology approaches are being researched.

Corinne seeks to increase the number of human senses that can be used to experience the painting. Not just sight or perhaps touching a multi-media texture -- but hearing, feeling the real subject, smelling, and maybe one day even tasting.

Further, she seeks to bring the real subject of the painting even closer to the audience by creating the painting with actual pieces of the subject. This brings an intimacy and an energy that a visual alone cannot obtain.

With ENGAGISM, every piece of the work is involved and integrated into a whole. The frame is part of the art and created as such during the creation process.

ENGAGISM is a very specific type of EXPERIENTIAL ART. Many artists are starting to ask me to teach them about what I am doing. I look forward doing that and further developing a "school of engagement" for painters.

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