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Quality is Important.

I exclusively use Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors. They are made by hand in the USA with the finest grade pigments and are non-toxic. The texture, tone, and working properties are phenomenal.  On rare occasion, I will use acrylic paint for certain subjects.

Special attention is paid to the archival techniques required to prepare the canvases to ensure that the materials will adhere for years to come. Each painting is varnished with UV Archival varnish that protects against fading, dirt, moisture, and discoloration. 

The Future

I am constantly innovating to bring more and more senses into the experience of my art work. Right now, the sense of sight, touch, and hearing is incorporated in various pieces. What about new materials for touch? What about smell and taste? I'm working on smell and more textures and also working with technologists to bring information to your smart device in an even simpler way... stay tuned for more in 2016 and beyond. Hurry up technology!

What About Prints?

Since most of my art is multimedia and highly textured, I don't create many prints. To me, it defeats the purpose of my highly experiential art form. Unfortunately, at times, my ideas are ahead of today's available and/or affordable technology, and in this case, I am waiting for affordable and polychromatic 3D printing options to become readily available for providing prints that you can experience similar to the original.  

For my two dimensional works, I an delighted to provide limited prints, especially since I am so honored to be asked for them frequently.

Artist Statement

My art’s purpose is to touch the soul, inspire the mind, and engage the senses through innovative paintings. I’m driven to continuously stretch boundaries using multi-media materials, framing, technology, and messaging to move my paintings from being merely representative to being fully experiential. To that end, I use pieces of the real scenes themselves collected from around the world; I hide a computer chip in the painting that can be read by an NFC-enabled smart device taking the viewer to a custom website that I created with the story, symbolism, and other secrets about the painting (or viewers can go directly to the website using the url); I design the framing structure at the same time as the canvas as I see it as all one that extends into infinity; and I love to use a lot of texture and complex rich colors. I painstakingly put my heart, knowledge, research, and creativity into each piece. My hope is that my art will touch your soul, inspire your mind, and engage your senses. 


I hope to see you at a show. Please note that my goal is to do only a few shows, focusing my time on innovating. Innovation is very arduous, sometimes frustrating, constantly learning, never-say-can't-be-done work. 


September 2015 - Annual Corinne Miller Solo Show,   "LIKE BEING THERE," at Moon Gallery, Arlington Heights IL

June 2014 - Executive Learning Exchange Silent Auction


October 2014 - Bloomingdale Art Museum, Sky's the Limit Juried Exhibition, Bloomingdale IL

My multi-media and mixed-media art is innovation that is emotionally experienced, intellectually curious, and enjoyed by the senses. 

Corinne Miller

My life and career have been a fusion of technology, communication, business, training, spirituality, and art. All have been part of my life in different forms at different times. They now form a crescendo through my artwork -- artwork, that I hope you find enjoyable, experiential, and educational.

Many years ago, I started my career in engineering -- one of few women in the field at that time. I found an unusual artistry in the innovation of engineering and my subsequent global leadership roles which included business responsibility. As a lifelong learner, I later earned an MS in Communication, adding another color to my palette.

I moved next to leading the global training & development arm of a large corporation, and followed by becoming an independent innovation and virtual communication trainer & consultant. 

Through all the years my art was always there and evolving. Now, with all these wonderful lifelong experiences, coupled with my artistic talent, I look forward to innovating artwork.

​I'm dreaming that my work will be in a museum of contemporary art one day to inspire others to merge, integrate, innovate, and dream big!

- MS, Communication, Northwestern University
- B.S., Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago
​- Various Art Training


To me, it's not enough to paint an image of something when you can include a piece of the real subject into the artwork. In this way, you own a piece of it and feel the energy of it, in addition to a beautiful visual. It's the next best thing to being there. As an example, my "Dreaming at the Sea of Galilee" oil painting has fragments from the actual location in Israel in the painting. Many more of these will be available at the September show  with personally gathered materials by myself or friends from all over the world!

2. Integrated Framing  

I feel that frames or framing structures (or no frame) should be part of the upfront design of the painting before even a stroke is painted. The frame should be part of the art itself, continuing or supporting the message, colors, or concepts into infinity. as such, I hand carve or personally construct many of the frames I use. I also upcycle materials for framing to support the environment.

​3. Technology-Enabled 

Many times a microchip will be hidden in a piece of my art. Why? Free free to place your Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smart phone near the chip and enjoy a greater experience at a custom page for the specific art piece on this website. These websites provide the story and symbolism of the painting, sometimes audio and interaction, as well as other points of interest such as a Google map as to the location of a real-world scene. Click here for a list of NFC-enabled phones to check if your smart device will work with this feature. Android users can also go to Google Play to find an NFC reader compatible with your device.

​4. Highly Textured / Interesting Materials for a 3-D for Stunning Effect. 

My "innovation" gene inspires me to use "other" canvases such as mylar, metal, plexiglass, wood, and a material that I formulated for extreme texture for use with oil. I also love to layer panels onto panels or canvases and sculpt on the canvas to further bring interesting perspectives and draw in the eye. My passion drives me to take risks and always try something new.