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To Touch the Soul

Inspire the Mind

Engage the Senses™

Holiday 2019  "Lovebirds' First Christmas"



Click on the painting's name if it is underlined. View its custom website with unique story.

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Microchip in painting. Smart device using NFC-enabled technology brings the story to you. Conversation for this example at #WishYouWereHere.

Collecting materials in Israel at the Sea of Galilee for a painting.

Engaging a conversation.

Telling a story on
your smart device


actual pieces
of their subjects or unusual materials

Oil paintings

and other works

"I’m driven to continuously stretch boundaries using mixed-media materials, framing, multi-media technology, and messaging to move my paintings from being merely representative to being fully experiential."   - Corinne Miller

Textured paintings containing the materials of the subject.

Some paintings include a microchip you can touch with your smartphone and your phone's browser will go to a custom website explaining the painting.



Including actual pieces of the painting's subject into the work. For example, if it's a painting of a black sand beach then it has the real black sand from that beach in it. 

Providing the viewer with stories, information, sounds, and interactions about the painting via a computer chip discretely integrated into the work. Just scan it with your NFC-enabled smart device. If your device is not NFC-enabled, you can enter the url directly into any browser.

Redefining the role of the "frame" as a design element of the painting that continues it theme so the entire piece is "one."

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